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Main features

Dairy breed of great precocity and development. Its long period of lactation has been given it a massive diffusion among the goat breeds. They are large producers of milk with margins of 800-900 kg per lactation.

The breed is sensitive to excessive solar radiation and develop better in cold conditions.

Productive characteristics

Milk production: It is specialized in the production of milk. In the tropic produces from 1 to 3 kg per day; in temperate regions may reach up to 1500 kg in 300 days. In the Caribbean productions are reported of 800 kg in 250 days.

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The breed is originally from Switzerland, in the cantons of the Bernese Oberland. Saanen goats have the highest milk production, reason for which they are named "the Holstein of the goat."

  • Head: slightly concave to straight facial lines.
  • Ears: Medium, erect and forward.
  • Body: expresses good dairy conformation.
  • Size and Weight: The average height of the cross in females and males is 75 to 90 cm. Adult females reach a weight of 65 kg. (145 lb) and males of 75 kg. (165 lb).
  • Skin: Little pigmented, loose, a little adipose tissue and fine texture, pink. In the tropic is preferred ocher color.
  • Coat: Most Saanen goats have fine hair, although there are some varieties with long hair. The color has the following combinations: pink skin with white hair and ocher skin with light cream hair; in both are black spots on the nose, ears and udder.
  • Udder and nipples: spacious, well developed and not pendulous. symmetrical nipples directed downward and slightly forward.